Rosebevan Rhyme of Briar



Bonnie Rose is owned by Egil and Kerrin

Registered Name: Rosbevann Rhyme of Briar

Real Name: Bonnie (Rose)

Likes: Licking owners' faces ( a champion licker!! )

People - she is a friend to all who come to our house

Cuddles - all the time if she could get them

Walks - long ones if possible

Other Dogs - loves to play

Food - only special fresh

Our Living Room Couch - has made it her own

Dislikes; Rain and cold weather


Dry food

Fave Food: Chicken


Chicken Necks

Toast with vegemite

Fave Toy: Little white chew bone

Fave Sleeping Position: Between owners on her back

On the couch

Why we love our Cocker; She has a beautiful nature and personality and is convinced she is one of us

Quirks: Shaking vegies off meat (all over the floor)

Leaving dry food for later

Grooming: Loves being brushed

Andy does her professional trimming and grooming

Achievements: Obedience - when she feels like it - a very independent miss!

Agility - outstanding

Bonnie is a retired show dog.

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