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History of the breed and the origin of the Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc:

The Cocker Spaniel is a breed that was first mentioned some 3000 years ago as existing in Mediterranean countries. Described as "long eared rabbit dogs" these early ancestors of the modern Cocker Spaniel were observed in the Roman province of Spain and were later brought to England after the Roman conquest of Britain in approximately 56 BC. During the reigns of Henry VIII and the Stuart kings these early Cocker Spaniels featured both as working dogs and pets. It was during this period that the small dog which could go through the English hedges and undergrowth to flush out the wood cock began to be called the wood cocking spaniel.


In the 1890s the Cocker Spaniel Club of England was formed. This Club drew up the early standard of the breed. As it was envisaged then, the Cocker Spaniel was a dog supremely suited for work as a gun dog. Consequently, the early breed standard featured a small active and strong dog which was sturdy enough to work cheerfully and tirelessly all day flushing and driving out game for shooters.

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc. was founded in 1931 to cater for the needs of Cocker Spaniel owners in this State. The main objectives of the Club are the welfare and improvement of the breed. The Club conducts a variety of information nights which include topics covering general dog care, showing, obedience, grooming, veterinary lectures, and members competitions for both showing and obedience.


The Club also conducts an annual Open Show and Championship Show. New members are always most welcome and can be assured of assistance from other members of the Club.

Our current Life Members include: Mr R Ayton, Mrs J Boyd, Ms L & Mrs M Brodie, Mrs R Spencer,

Mr J Caroll, Miss M Joyce, Mr P & Mrs M Little, Mr D Heatlie, Miss J Pollard, Mrs H Morden, & Mrs A Sciberras.

Further information about the Club, its activities, or puppy and stud dog listings can be obtained from:

The Honorary Secretary
Dr Gillian Robinson

Phone: 0421 304 285

email: robmond1@bigpond.com


The Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria welcomes anyone with an interest in Cocker Spaniels

The Club conducts shows, educational events, and fun get togethers.





PRESIDENT:           Mr Keith Houston


SECRETARY:          Dr Gillian Robinson

TREASURER:          Mr Dallas Heatlie

COMMITTEE:          Mrs Sheryl Heatlie

                                  Ms Cathy McLennan

                                  Mrs Helen Morden

                                  Mr John Wade

                                  Mrs Maureen Wade

                                  Ms Lyn Lack

Obedience:             Mrs Andrea Sciberras 98771528


The Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc. cannot be held responsible for comments made by non-office bearing members of the Club, any statements not authorised by an office bearer, advertising material, nor any representations published on the official website of the Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc.




Contact Details

Website: kalleo@iprimus.com.au

Club secretary: robmond1@bigpond.com