Kalleo Chain of Hearts


Indi is owned by Sian and Paul.


Registered Name: Kalleo Chain of Hearts

Name: Indi

Born: 31/08/08

Likes/Dislikes: Indi loves most things especially home renovations.

Clearly, our home wasn’t renovated to her liking because she frequently puts her own stamp/teeth on it! When Indi has some down time from renovating she loves to laze around by any puddle of water. We can’t get her out of the water.

Indi likes to stand in one water bowl whilst drinking out of the other... then, she dribbles her wet ears and paws all over the floor. She loves the beach and any other water she can get into... except.... she hates to go out to the toilet when the grass is wet after rain!

Indi loves her daily trip to the dog park (beside the beach) where she runs around after all of her friend’s especially her Cocker Spaniel boy friend Oscar.

When Indi has had enough of the park she takes herself down and sits beside the car until we take her home. After a long day, Indi loves to cuddle up on the lounge with me before bedtime she makes a great pillow except for the snoring.

Quirks Indi loves tummy scratches, however, when she can’t con one out of us she stands with her front legs up on the coffee table (back legs on the ground) and rubs her chest on the corner of the coffee table.... she will do this for hours.

When Indi gets busted for doing something she shouldn’t, like chewing my daughters sheepskin rug, she lays on the floor and goes all floppy, so floppy that you can’t pick her up to move her, she has to be dragged out by the legs.

Fave toy Indi doesn’t play with any toy that was bought for her - she loves my 1-year-old daughter’s toys, and they all have Indi’s teeth prints in them.

My daughter and Indi (Diddy as my daughter calls her) love to play together but Indi hasn’t learnt to share yet.

Indi loves to run away with whatever toy that my daughter is playing with, because she can! My daughter will then run into me yelling Diddy, Diddy Ahhhhhh!!!

Indi’s favourite toy is any ball that she can kick around the wooden floorboards. She kicks the ball then runs after it. While it is a very noisy game, it is really cute to watch.

Fave sleeping position Indi spent the first week sleeping in the laundry (on a luxurious bed) with our Shetland Sheepdog until she decided that she would prefer to sleep outside. To our horror, no matter how much coaxing we couldn’t encourage Indi to sleep in the house.... So now, Indi sleeps outside at night, on her back, on what is left of her luxurious bed (as she has pulled all of the stuffing out of it)... In the morning she bangs on our bedroom window to let us know that she would like to come in and be fed!

Fave Food Indi loves her food.... she will eat anything and everything... really, she will eat everything. including pegs, and doorstops!

Indi will help herself to food if the pantry door is open and rob food off any plate that is left unattended.

Why do I love my cocker?? I love Indi because despite the destruction, she is a very loving and loyal sweet natured girl. She always has a smile on her face and loves everyone. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

How do I manage grooming? Like any pup, Indi is a grot. She loves to get amongst nature, and as a result has to be washed very regularly to get the potatoes, turnips and whatever else grows in her coat after rolling around in the garden, out.

After her wash and manicure, Indi slips into her silk coat jacket to achieve that silky smooth finish.

Achievements Indi has only ever been home schooled. She sits, stays and comes on command. She is obedient when it suits her but most of all she has managed to win our hearts.



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Website: kalleo@iprimus.com.au

Club secretary: robmond1@bigpond.com