Elspan Barkly Blue


(owned by Luke Wilby)

Barkly is a 15 month old, blue roan, male cocker spaniel. He was born on 29th February, 2008 so that makes him a 'leap year dog' !


Barkly loves:
- Any type of food!
- Daytime sleeps on the couch
- Nighttime sleeps in my bed (only sometimes!)
- Obedience and agility training
- Our local off-lead park
- Car rides
- Life!

Barkly doesn't like:
- Baths
- Having his front paws brushed
- Being crated when visitors aren't keen on his exuberance

His quirky ways:
- You'll never catch Barkly without his tongue hanging out. Sometimes it's just a little, sometimes it's a lot - but it's always poking out!
- His understanding of the 'couch rules' - when I enter the lounge room, he jumps of the couch onto his cushion on the floor - that's what he thinks the rule is
- He steals socks when he has the opportunity

His favourite foods:
- His mega-favourites are chicken wings and chicken frames.
- Anything he finds in the park (free bonus food!)

His favourite sleeping positions:
- On the couch nestled in the cushions
- Flat on his back on his office day bed
- Curled up on my bed!

Why do I love my cocker?
- He the happiest, cutest dog in the world!
- He's smart!
- He's funny!
- He thinks I'm the best!

How do I manage grooming?
- I keep Barkly in show trim and nowadays I mostly groom him myself.
- At home I have a grooming table with a grooming arm, some Wahl clippers, and a collection of Mars scissors, a Coat King and assorted combs and brushes.
- I brush and comb him nearly every night - doesn't take me long - 5-10 minutes and it's relaxing for both of us
- I trim his coat whenever I think it needs it - I like to keep him looking nice!
- He gets a bath every month or two.
- I still take him to a groomer a few times a year - but that might fade away as I grow more confident with my grooming skills.



Contact Details

Website: kalleo@iprimus.com.au

Club secretary: robmond1@bigpond.com