Elspan Tri A New Dream


Coco is owned by Nicole Mifsud


Registered Name: Elspan Tri Anew Dream

Real Name: Coco

Born 31st August 2008.

Colour: Blue, Roan and Tan

Being the centre of attention.

Going for a walk.

Playing fetch with her squeaky toys or balls.

Being smothered with kisses and hugs.

Belly rubs.


Having her front paws groomed or touched.

Going outside in the rain to go to the bathroom. To teach me a lesson for subjecting her to such torture she deliberately runs through the garden beds before coming back in with muddy paws… Not Happy Jan!!

Behaving she would rather be mischievous. You can see it in her eyes.


Coco a weird affinity for socks and tissues. She literally steals socks from the clothes basket and picks pockets for tissues in unsuspecting victims. She makes the boys in Oliver Twist look like amateurs. I think she enjoys the chase around the house trying to catch her. At least she is not interested in my shoes, which would be a much more expensive pastime.

Fave food:
Chicken necks

Lamb flaps

Italian food especially my spaghetti bolognaise, her saucy chin attests to that at the end of the meal.

Treats of all descriptions!!

The occasional butchy-boy or bug for a protein boost.

Fave toys:

Her blanket, she reminds me of Linus in the Snoopy Cartoons. She is always dragging her blanket around and chewing it until it is resembles a tatty piece of material. I think we are up to the fifth blanket in 8 months.

Her plastic red bone (see pic).

Fave sleeping position:

On any of the beds in the house.

She loves to snuggle in amongst the pillows even though she knows she is not allowed.

At my feet when I am busy working at home on the computer.

Why I love my cocker:

She has the best eye lashes, everyone comments on them.

She is intelligent.

She is loyal.

She is attentive, playful and mischievous.

She has character.

She simply is the best companion, of the four-legged kind, that I have always wanted.

How I manage grooming:

I groom her every week with the Mars Comb. Her coat comes up beautiful and shiny.

I bath her every 2-3 weeks as necessary.

I take her to a groomer approx. every 6-8 weeks for trimming and especially for grooming her front paws and clipping her nails.

My cocker's achievements - obedience, agility, showing, tricks, bench surfing ability etc.

Obedience School, she was quoted from her trainer as being the star of the class.

Hope you enjoyed her profile. I love Coco very much and I know it is mutual. Her temperament is definitely a product of good pedigree blood lines.

Contact Details

Website: kalleo@iprimus.com.au

Club secretary: robmond1@bigpond.com