Robmond Pantheon Blue


Owned by Patricia Looker

Raglan is a blue roan lad born on 19 October 2009.


Likes and Dislikes:

Raglan loves running in the forest; swimming in any water he can find, the muddier the better; playing with his friends Haylen (another blue roan cocker) and Howard the whippet; stirring up next-door’s Jack Russells; and being with ‘mum’, whatever she’s doing or not doing.

He dislikes flying; going to the vet; getting his ears cleaned; getting into trouble from ‘mum’ or another dog he’s annoyed; and eating his veggies.


He is driven to nip at toes and likes to steal clothes and shoes, but can never remember where he put them last. He also loves to chew tissues and leave the sodden mass on the floor for unsuspecting bare feet - yeeeew!

Favourite foods and toys:

Any food that comes as a treat has to be good (mainly because the girls aren’t getting any); chicken wings for breakfast go down pretty well too. His favourite toy is a cardboard box or the junk mail - it’s his job to rip it up small for the recycling bin. Chasing his ball is great fun too, and even better is chasing a friend with a toy.

Favourite sleeping place:

On the couch with his head on my lap, although he’s pretty keen to pile into his crate at the end of a busy day.

Why do I love my cocker?

He’s enthusiastic about everything, he’s very affectionate, and he makes me laugh even when I’m mad at him.

How do I manage grooming?

Gillian Robinson gave him a really good grooming when he was eight months old, giving me a lesson and establishing some ‘lines’. I’ve bought myself some good gear and am gradually getting better at doing it myself (Melbourne is just a tad too far to get Gillian’s help, unfortunately). Because I am currently showing Raglan in conformation, I comb and brush him most days and try to regularly work on stripping him, clipping his throat and ears and keeping him neat, if not always clean. It’s amazing how much excess hair he can generate!! Now if only he would grow it in the right places I’d be happy.


Surviving to his first birthday! He has started gaining points in the breed ring and he is learning the basics for a career in competitive obedience and agility, where he has some pretty big paws to fill. (He says his feet are already much bigger than Kinya’s and Harriet’s anyway, so thinks it will be no big deal!)

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