Kalleo Wake Up Dancing


Remy is owned by Nicole Adderley


Registered Name: Kalleo Wake up Dancing

Name: Remy

Born: 31/08/08

Likes/Dislikes: Remy loves being around people, whether it be laying under my feet at the computer or next to me when I’m washing the dishes. Remy is very enthusiastic and adores her other doggy friends (kelpies/whippets) at the park even though she can’t keep up with them she tries her hardest often barking with excitement at the prospect of catching them.

Remy LOVES water!!! Any body of water! Puddles – rivers – beaches -- drinking bowls (see photos).

There’s not much that Remy dislikes, probable not being about to be let off the lead as much as she would like!

Quirks – Remy is adorable when she looks up at you with her long eyelashes. She also loves to lay as flat as possible on any surface (she kicks her back legs out and lays her stomach on the ground). Remy also has the cutest big paws (people on the street think that she’s got more growing but it’s just the good blood line that she came from that give the great paws)

Fave toy – Remy has a full basket of toys that she enjoys going to on a number of occasions throughout the day and night but her all time favourite toy would be an empty 1.25lt soft drink bottle!! Especially on the tiles where it makes the most noise as it bangs around while she’s trying to get a grip on it.

Fave sleeping position – Remy loves her bed (although she has ripped it to bits) but she has a very naughty habit of getting in the bed under the doona – she loves the warmth down near the feet.

Fave Food – Remy eats everything and anything, chicken wings are her favourite though she loves to crunch on the bones which keeps her teeth nice and clean.

Why do I love my cocker?? I love Cocker spaniels, I’ve had them my entire life. They’re great companions and always know exactly what mood you’re in and can reciprocate. She honestly is the loveliest little girl. I’m continually stopped on the street by people wanting to lavish her with pats and scratches which she laps up like a professional!

How do I manage grooming? I quite often have Remy trimmed and bathed. I’m not as good as I should be at brushing her regularly but I do every now and then. She gets a lovely silky and curly coat on her but if I put her special silk lined coat on her it lays down lovely and flat.

Achievements – Remy completed puppy school but has not had any other formal training. Although I have worked hard at home and have trained her in some aspects (I have to remember to say ‘ok’ before she will touch the food when I serve her in her bowl because sometimes I forget and she’s still sitting there a few minutes later waiting)

Contact Details

Website: kalleo@iprimus.com.au

Club secretary: robmond1@bigpond.com