Robmond Midnights Crusade


Dougie is owned by Dianne, Alex & Alex Junior


Registered Name: Robmond Midnights Crusade

DOB: 20/1/09

Real name: Dougie

Owned by: Dianne, Alex & Alex Junior

Likes: Going for walks, playing catch, sitting on the outside settee, sitting outside under the table, stealing tissues, taking socks out of the laundry basket, sneaking into the kitchen and checking for any food on the kitchen counter, watching TV with my son in his bedroom, and giving the best cuddles ever!

Dislikes: Going outside to toilet in the evening when his been asleep inside.

Quirks: Dougie enjoys putting all his possessions in his dog kennel. He hides his tennis ball & rope in his kennel, when I ask him “Dougie where is your ball” he runs into his kennel & brings it to me. He also enjoys burying his ‘white’ snowman toy in the dirt and covering it until it is completely covered in dirt!

Fave food: Mince & Dried liver treats.

Fave toys: His tennis ball & rope and his fluffy snowman toy.

Fave sleeping position: On his tummy stretched out in his bed, or in my son’s arms.

Why we love our cocker: Dougie is a very loving little boy he loves nothing more than giving and receiving cuddles. He is very loyal & protective of his family. He has brought a lot of joy & happiness to our family.

How we manage grooming: Myself, my son and my daughter help me groom Dougie. He is very good boy and enjoys being bathed & he has no issues with being groomed.

Our cocker's achievements: Dougie attends obedience training & is doing very well in class, however he chooses when he wants to be obedient at home..

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