Murrangowar Bliss


Bliss is owned by Lorraine and Samantha.


Registered Name: Murrangowar Bliss

Bliss was born on 28th March 2009, she is a golden girl.

Colour: Golden

Bliss loves

- digging holes in the mud in the garden beds and then running into the house on my clean timber floors

- playing with a bowl of water, she gets it everywhere.

- Cuddles and giving you lots of kisses

- Loves the car

- stealing tissues and toilet rolls

- Loves following you around the house, when you are in the shower she waits for you to get out and if I'm in the kitchen cleaning up she will sit on my feet

- sleeping on her back

- chasing the birds in the garden


- Baths

- Having her front paws brushed and being brushed.

- doesn't like the vacumn cleaner but getting used to it

- not being in the centre of attention


- Bliss steals your underwear and socks

Favorite Food

- loves cooked apples

- loves roasted chicken

- vegetables especially raw carrot sticks

- scrambled eggs

- raw meat

Favourite Toy

Her tennis ball and her long sausage dog toy which are squeaky.

Favourite sleeping position

During the day loves laying on her back in her bed

Curled up on mummys bed

Why we love cocker spaniels

- We love cocker spaniels because they are the best companions.

- Cocker spaniels have the best nature and most loving dog anyone could never own.

- We just love our little Bliss, Mum and I are so happy we have our little bliss in our lives, she has bought us both such happiness.We are laughing again.

How I manage to grooming

- Bliss gets a bath every 4 weeks

- I brush Bliss with a Mars coat king and a brush

- At home I try to use our laundry bench or sitting on the lounge when I use the Mars coat king.

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