The 20th National Championship Show

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2024

Cocker head

20th National Cocker Show

The Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW is so very excited to be hosting the 20th Cocker Spaniel National!

We welcome you to Sydney for what we hope is a great event.

Should you need anything in advance of the event or during please reach out to a member of the Committee.

Our judge for the National is Mr. Mike Wildman.

  • Dogs will be judged on the Saturday. Commencing with Solid colour baby dog then Any Other Colour baby dogs, through to Veteran and Neuter dog.
  • Sunday will commence with Solid colour baby bitch, then Any Other Colour baby bitch through to Veteran and Neuter.
  • Veteran class will compete for Challenge.

Click or tap the map for details.

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